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Homes & Homeowner’s Insurance, Condos, Vacant Homes, plus Coverage for Flood, Valuables & more

Homeowners insurance is a special kind of property insurance that covers the losses and damages to your dwelling place and personal effects. By providing you with liability coverage against accidents that happen on your property, homeowners insurance keeps you protected from a wide array of daily risks that you face at your home.

Our professional agents at Fox Cities Insurance Agency, Inc. have ample experience in equipping residents in Appleton and the surrounding areas with homeowner’s insurance options that are affordable and reliable. With options in multi-policy discounts, our professional agents provide our valued clients with a range of homeowners insurance options that include coverage for:

Guarding Your Personal Belongings

Your home houses all of your precious heirlooms. From family heirlooms to expensive art, wedding rings, expensive appliances & more, theft or natural disaster can cause extreme financial stress on you and your family. Certain homeowner’s insurance policies cover personal property. Depending on your specific needs and your policy, your homeowner’s insurance may cover personal property such as:

  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Artwork
  • Appliances and more!

Our agents help you assess the level of homeowner’s insurance that you require. Through a comprehensive assessment of your assets, wants, and needs we provide you with a range of insurance coverage options from different carriers that fit your unique requirements. By mitigating risks with quality homeowners insurance coverage, it’s our privilege to provide you with the right insurance coverage at the right price for you.


Protecting Your Liability

Accidents happen. Every single day you are at risk of an accident that can change your life. Even at your dwelling place, you need to be equipped with good homeowner’s liability insurance coverage that keeps you protected in the event of a lawsuit for injury or property damage that can hurt your finances and tarnish your reputation.

Even your pets can be a liability to you and your family. Living in the litigious society that we do, you need to have good homeowners liability insurance so that no matter what happens on your property, you, your loved ones, and your finances are protected.

At Fox Cities Insurance Agency, Inc. we help you procure quality homeowner’s liability coverage that meets the basic limit of $300,000 for property damage or injuries as well as exceed minimum requirements based on your needs. We know that accidents happen, which is why we help keep you protected from life’s unexpected circumstances.